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Josephine Suh, LCSW

Personalized psychotherapy for Grief, Trauma & Mental Distress


I'm Josie, a licensed psychotherapist in California and New York specializing in the mental health issues you feel deep in your bones: grief, trauma, panic, depression, existential crises, loneliness and sudden explosions of emotion. I also have experience treating conditions where you don't feel much at all: dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, and emotional numbing.

I provide therapy for individual adults, adolescents, and couples, both online and in person at my office in Los Gatos. 

I've worked successfully with creative and intellectual clients from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds, including academia, film production, finance, and the helping professions. 

I am attentive to the ways in which migration, race, historical trauma, and cultural family dynamics influence our mental health and the different ways we experience these phenomena if we are mixed-race or adopted, if we are the first to immigrate or a fourth generation American.​ 한국어로도 상담이 가능합니다.

I am a queer-affirming person of faith. I welcome clients of all or no genders, sexualities, and spiritualities. My work values the integration and liberation of all your parts and ways of moving through the world. I seek healing for all of you, and not just the parts that others might prefer.

My Specializations

I specialize in providing psychotherapy services for grief, trauma, existential loneliness and other forms of mental distress.

Individual Therapy (adults, teens, college students)

Couples Therapy (communication, "fighting better," sexual desire differences)

Psychodynamic Therapy (deeper insight into self, context and relationship with others)

Brainspotting (somatic processing of sub-cortical experiences)

Grief Therapy (PGDT and Constructivist Methods)

CBT for Anxiety-Related Disorders (general anxiety/worry, OCD, panic, avoidance)

Depression, Existential Loneliness, Disconnection with Self & Others

Racialized Trauma/"Ghosts", Identity Healing & Formation

Intergenerational Trauma/Family "Curses"

What Past Patients Have Said

"My visit w / Josie made me feel better. She really listened and helped me reframe. I left feeling like I had tools to help me deal with my situations better. Highly recommend!"

Note: Testimonials were not solicited from past clients but submitted independently by them to a referral site. 

"The experience of speaking from the heart and being taken seriously builds the psychic architecture that supports the capacity to bear life."

Nancy McWilliams, PhD

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