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About Me

I am a psychotherapist of Korean descent, a child of immigrants, trained in the East Coast and practicing in the Bay Area, CA. (for more on my training and educational background, click here).

I love what I do. I love that I get to be both scientist and artist, to use my analytic and emotional natures in harmony in order to support others in reaching their goals. 

I've spent my own resources, time in therapy, and mental energy to process things in my own life that cause fragmentation and pain, a journey that continues to this day. As a result, I've come to experience a peace and integration that my younger self could only dream of. 

When I am not in the therapist's chair, I am out in the community singing in a local choir, writing speculative fiction, exercising in nature, attending a Sunday service, breaking bread with loved ones, and finding new four-legged friends.

For what I'm currently reading/listening to, click here.

And if you think we might be a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out below! I look forward to hearing from you. 


My Approach

Past clients have described me as warm, nonjudgmental, and actively engaged.

I value integration: of mind and body, of neuroscientific knowledge and empathic attunement, of history and here-and-now, of sociocultural context and individual personality, of seriousness and play.

In terms of what it might be like to work with me, I'll borrow an analogy used by psychoanalyst Marilyn Charles. One of my favorite metaphors for the role of a therapist is that of a ship's navigator

As the client, you are the captain of the ship. You are at the wheel of your own life and decisions. 

As your therapist, I am right beside you as a navigator. I bring my years of experience on the open seas, as well as the tools, skills, and maps that will help you reach your destination. Sometimes I'll make connections that illuminate a path that was hidden before. Sometimes I'll suggest a direction to go based on my big picture view. And sometimes I'll point out something small for you to notice in yourself which turns out to be a portal to your destination. 

Ultimately, however, you are the captain. Which means you have strengths, skills, and experiences of your own that have helped you survive past storms. Which means you get to decide what to do with the information you gain in therapy. Do you want to charge ahead or double back? Do we want to explore the islands to the east or stay on open waters? Do you need to linger a moment and just think/process? Let me know, and I will help make the navigational calculations to get you there. 


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